Bad Boyz Oilfield Service Inc. Transports Water and Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Materials

Bad Boyz Oilfield Services tank trucks have 110 and 120 barrel tanks and 4” Bowie pumps. Bad Boyz Oilfield Services Inc. also supplies trucks for winter road building, and summer road spraying. In some locations where the terrain is difficult, we offer tank trucks that can be fitted with flotation tires.

We also have units that are designated for hazardous material hauling only.

Water Trucks
We also have different types of trucks specifically for hauling water to your site.
  • Drilling rigs
  • Boilers
  • Pipelines for pressure tests and road crossings
  • Road construction (dust control and compaction)
  • Ice road building
We have extensive knowledge in supplying water and services for hydraulic fracturing performed on oil and gas wells with low permeability reservoirs.
Bad Boyz Oilfield trucks are pro-rated for crossing provincial borders.
Tandem Water Trucks
In addition, we have tandem water trucks available to reach your drilling rigs promptly with what you need.
Triaxle Water Trucks
Triaxle trucks are equipped with 120 bbl tanks when larger volume of water is required.


Get Hydraulic Fracture Help from Bad Boyz Oilfield Service Inc.

A hydraulic fracture is a serious, costly and potentially dangerous situation. Not to worry. Bad Boyz Oilfield Services Inc. is ready to help. Just consider us your partners in safety!
While your drilling crew does their part, we will promptly deliver the water in the tank sizes needed to fill up your frac crew's receptacles, so they can deploy it to get the oil and gas up to the surface as quickly and efficiently as possible.
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