Dependable, Prompt Services from Bad Boyz Oilfield Services Inc.

Whether you’re an oilfield company, a pipeline company or a rig consultant, Bad Boyz Oilfield Services Inc. has the know-how and equipment to assist you in your endeavours so that you can complete your projects on time, and on budget. Bad Boyz Oilfield trucks are pro-rated for working across provincial borders.

We work with the following equipment to meet your needs:
  • Tandem and Tri axle tank trucks
  • Tri axle vacuum trucks
  • Well site trailers
The services we offer include:
  • 24 hour well site services for both vacuum and water for drilling and completions
  • Cement jobs
  • Land spreading
  • Spill cleanups
  • Full service oilfield jobs
Some of the types of situations we can assist with are:
  • Hydraulic fracturing
  • Ice road building
  • Pressure tests
  • Road construction
  • Plant turnaround and maintenance
We work at drilling locations, road crossings or wherever you need us.
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